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    The Channel Islands’ last witch trial

    Amy Lake stands trial for witchcraft and setting a mortal curse on her neighbour in the run-up to the First World War, Alfred Hitchcock has reason to be grateful for a surprising Jersey connection, and an oil rig on its way to South America washes up on Guernsey's coast. Guernsey politicians unveil plans for a new airport, and Jersey Airways offers to cover the cost of construction - but only if it can have a monopoly on landing and taking off there. Politicians in Jersey meet to decide whether they want a commercial or BBC radio station, and Isaac Newton gives a Guernsey inventor's device the once-over... before it's lost for ever.

The Channel Islands this week
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Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney: little islands with big stories to tell. They’ve seen earthquakes and witchcraft trials, been caught up in the English civil war, faced invasion from France, and welcomed the Beatles and Rolling Stones on tour. From the construction of Corbiere Lighthouse and Victor Hugo’s flight to Guernsey, to the day a UFO appeared above Alderney, all of these stories and more feature in the Channel Islands’ remarkable history. Subscribe today.

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