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    Monarch beheaded in Channel Islands knitwear

    The Channel Islands lead the way, as the first post boxes in the British Isles are erected in the Bailiwicks, and Mary Queen of Scots climbs the steps to her execution at Fotheringay castle wearing stockings knitted in Guernsey. A boat load of Jersey fishermen have a nasty surprise when they discover a coffin, complete with its corpse, floating in the ocean, and the Channel Islands are hit by the most severe storm they’ve experienced in 35 years, causing damage to buildings and ripping up trees. A Guernsey watchmaker travels to London to help police with their inquiries into the theft of the Stone of Scone, and Jersey has its wrists slapped by the Home Office when it refuses to take part in a survey that being conducted throughout the Empire.

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    Channel Television disappears

    Channel Television disappeared from the airwaves, Guernsey featured in the Channel Four gameshow Treasure Hunt, and Sibyl Beaumont, who would go on to rule Sark for almost five decades, was born. Jersey's Fort Regent was nearly destroyed by a fierce blaze that came close to igniting the arsenal, an 80-year-old murderer died after suffering a heart attack in court, and the man who devised St Helier's sewage system ducked out at a terribly early age.

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    The world’s first underwater arrest

    Guernsey zoo is put up for sale, Jersey makes its first ever weather observation, Alderney elects its first president, a Jersey wartime hero is commended for his exceptional bravery, and Guernsey Police makes the world's first ever underwater arrest.

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    A quake shakes the Channel Islands

    An earthquake shakes the Channel Islands, a real-life Robinson Crusoe starves to death off Herm, the Channel Islands are cut off from the outside world, and Guernsey's Castle Cornet surrenders after a 9-year siege.

The Channel Islands this week
Cows hosting a podcast

Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney: little islands with big stories to tell. They’ve seen earthquakes and witchcraft trials, been caught up in the English civil war, faced invasion from France, and welcomed the Beatles and Rolling Stones on tour. From the construction of Corbiere Lighthouse and Victor Hugo’s flight to Guernsey, to the day a UFO appeared above Alderney, all of these stories and more feature in the Channel Islands’ remarkable history. Subscribe today.

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